Local Registration

1 . ReTHINK Conference (RM 750)
- 12 September 2024

2 . Masterclass One: Agarwood: The Heaven-Sent Commodity (RM 500)
- 11 September 2024

3 . Masterclass Two: Science of Waterwater Solutions
(RM 500) - 11 September 2024

4 . ReTHINK Conference + Masterclass One: Agarwood (RM 1100) - 11 & 12 September 2024

5 . ReTHINK Conference + Masterclass Two: Wastewater Solutions (RM 1100)
- 11 & 12 September 2024

International Registration

1 . ReTHINK Conference (USD 300)



UMP Holdings (UMPH) in collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) is proud to organise the 2nd Conference on Rethinking the Future of Sustainability (ReTHINK 2024). The theme of this conference is “Emerging Trends in Agriculture and Plantations”.

The rapid development of technology solutions such as drone technology, Internet of Things (IoT), precision farming, sensor-based technology and many more innovations have transformed the agriculture industry and improved efficiencies in developed markets globally. Smart agriculture technologies will continue to revolutionalise the agriculture industry and boost productivity and introduce new high value jobs within the industry.

The conference will bring together leading industry and academic experts to deliberate these pertinent issues surrounding food security, smart agriculture and technology innovations in agriculture and plantations industry to drive competitiveness and sustainability. What are key trends, opportunities and challenges facing the industry? What growth pathways are available for Malaysia towards achieving its economic growth? How do we balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability in the agriculture and plantations industry?

We welcome you to the 2nd Conference on Rethinking the Future of Sustainability (ReTHINK 2024) to discuss, debate and deliberate these issues. 


  1. Forum sessions with industry and academic experts on emerging trends in agriculture and plantations.
  2. Launch of new innovative agri-tech solution.
  3. Industry-Academia MoU signing.
  4. Business Pitching sessions by start-up companies.
  5. Booths and exhibition expo.


  1. Be part of an event that will be a key policy deliberation and policy-making platform for the government and industry players
  2. Raise your corporate profile as a socially responsible corporate citizen that is concerned with the emerging trends and issues relating to the sustainability of the environment and economic growth.